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How it Works & What You Need to Know

It is pretty simple, email us here with:

The date in which you need the crown

Share 3-5 inspiration photos for us to review and share recommendations

Wait to receive a quote. Please allow up to 24-48 hours during our busy season between March through November.

It is recommended at least 2 weeks prior to when you need to place your crown to email us to confirm our availability. There are times where we can accommodate a request placed under 2 weeks; however, we can not guarantee it

We have several options for band bases, with the traditional design with a rustic twine that goes around the circumference of the head instead of part way with the ribbon being the other half. We also use a cream sheer ribbon that is provided to all custom designed crowns.

Our custom crowns involve consultation to provide the highest quality service we can offer. This is where you share with us what you are looking for and we take it from there!

Starting rates for any custom crown starts at $95 + tax and averages in the $135-$150+ tax price range.

Price is dependent on flower varietals, design/texture and seasonal or specialty requests.

We do offer a weekly special. This request may be placed up to the Wednesday prior to the weekend and involves a crown designed with flowers we have already in studio. There is no customization other than sharing a choice of what color preference you might have. The price ranges from $60-$95+ + tax and generally is a 5+ varietal design (which saves you 35%-50% off of a custom design)

We offer pick up or delivery from Woodland Hills, CA with starting rates of delivery of $25. This can be the night prior or morning of the date in which you need your crown.

The crown will be offered in a white box with TCC branded tissue paper and ribbon.

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