A look into the Mother Earth, Father Sun Editorial

Mother Earth, Father Sun Editorial Shoot

Inspired by the explorations in New Mexico in December of 2015, THE CROWN COLLECTIVE collaborated with a team of creatives to produce Mother Earth, Father Sun ; an alternative wedding editorial for the earthy, new-age bride.



Florals & Coordination // Carolyn H. Brown of THE CROWN COLLECTIVE

Photography // Emily Magers

Cinematography // Garrett Wedel of THE WEDEL COLLECTIVE

Hair & Make-up // Alexandra Flores

Bridal Dress // Adina's Bridal

Macrame & Jewelry // Lindsey Taylor of Laurelwood Gems

Prints // Juliana Tyson of Good Juju Ink

Desserts // Adri Pioquinto of Maskipops

Crystals // Evangeline Summerville of The Lunar Fae

Music Composition // Robert Raymond

Colorist // Kelsey Rae




The story of Mother Earth, Father Sun is an earth-inspired wedding editorial that highlights the raw emotions of love and connection. It is the story of deep connection; the union of what grounds us and what we look up to, coming together to create life, beauty and magic. Mother Earth is the divine energy of femininity, nurture and compassion; Father Sun encompassing a sense of openness, embrace and expansion. Together in unity, they create the perfect harmony of balance and equanimity.

In a modern world, this story speaks to the connection back to nature, within oneself and in the relationships we share. The shoot incorporates many details to represent the simplicity of love through the floating peach roses in the water, crystals within the flower crown to represent higher awareness and vibrations not only to the heart, but to the mind and being barefoot in the mountains to represent a grounding energy on the path that taken in marriage.

The shoot also balances out the details to represent the bigger picture: the magic of love and spontaneity. Love between two people; eloping into the mountains and the water, all under the crisp, warm sun. Love that is natural, spontaneous and needing only what is given to foster and support the unity in its most authentic form.

On the day of shooting, spontaneity of using what was found on the 1-mile trail also provided details to the shoot that weren't originally planned. The impromptu altar was created after finding two large broken branches and was held up by rocks found on-site, which after a few moments of navigation, stood up on its own for the entirety of the shoot and decorated from extra flowers and macrame pieces."

With the collection of creatives from both the East and West Coast, the vision of Mother Earth, Father Sun manifested into fruition through the lenses of Emily Magers and Garrett Wedel under the creative styling and coordination of Carolyn H. Brown.