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TCC One Year Anniversary

January 1st. This was the day that set in motion the movements in creating THE CROWN COLLECTIVE. In October the year before, my friends and I made some flower crowns for an outdoor yoga event during the interim of having a picnic and waiting for the event to start. That was the start of something that ultimately would change my life in 2014 and on January 1st of that year, I went to a spiritual healer for a reading, in which, she made a comment of 'putting more energy into my hobbies'. I left questioning if she was talking about the flower crowns and decided to 'put more energy' into hand-crafting crowns and that was the turning point of what would become THE CROWN COLLECTIVE.

One year later, after celebrating numerous events and parties and meeting so many amazing people, it was our turn to celebrate our own milestone moment. With a week and a few days before the end of march, I wasn't sure that we would even have time to have our 1-year anniversary due to being so busy. However, on a delivery to drop off a wedding crown, something caught our eye. In the middle of Koreatown and exactly 1 week until we had our event, we found a space that we could host our friends, family and TCC Supporters in an intimate and warm environment. It was Mi Alma antique shop in the middle of Hollywood that sells the most unique decor and is a must see! Their decor and antiques are all for sale and the space that they ended up setting us up with was so beautiful!

The one thing I am most proud of is that everyone who came out was a part of TCC in some form or fashion. Our desserts were made by Adri of Maskipops by Adri, who hired us for her twin's birthday last year, so it was so nice to have her celebrate with us and share with us her creative pieces of edible art.

She made custom flower crown cake pops that were so special and one wanted to eat them because they looked like art, so beautiful.

Fresh flower decorated cookies.

Flower Crown Cake Pops

Thank you Adri for the gold-glitter donuts, the flower crown cake pops and the flower-decorated cookies!

We had a tea station set up by Yoon Hee, who came out and shared with us various Korean teas! Her Hancha Tea was sweet, warm and delicious, anyone who loves tea must try hers.

We had a massage station set up that everyone LOVED. Thank you to Angie for coming out on such short notice and giving everyone their "Crown Chakra" Massages! Of course, we had a DIY Flower Crown Station for our guests to create and learn about the craft that was the reason why we were all celebrating.

I was so happy to be surrounded by my friends, family and people that I have met through TCC, so when I was surprised with a video montage of all our events, projects and collaborations after my speech, it made me realize how lucky I am to have shared such a special moment with people who really support me and the company. Thank you Stephanie and David for putting it all together and suprising my guests and I with such a fun and thoughtful gift!

Amanda & Krissy

Team TCC

Cassey & Stephanie

Thank you to everyone that has supported TCC during its first year! We are grateful for all of your support!

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