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Festival Flower Crowns at Wanderlust Hollywood

I had the opportunity to team up with Wanderlust Hollywood to host two DIY Flower Crown workshops during Coachella season. What was nice was that the DIY Flower Crown video was just released about 2 weeks ago, so it was the perfect timing to host these workshops for anyone who wanted an in-person tutorial.

What I like about workshops is that I get to meet some really awesome people and share with them the basics of how to create a flower crown. Although flower crowns are pretty simple to make, there are a lot of elements to consider when creating pieces that reflect the energy and personality of each individual.

The first week of Coachella was a bit crazy because of our event with Pandora, but I made some time to get ready for the event-filled weekend ahead, so I got a henna tattoo by Erynne of Beauty Marks Henna, where we customized a henna tattoo that wrapped around my forearm to my hand! I also got my nails done... which I normally don't ever have time for, so that was nice :)

With my nails done and henna tattoo settling in, I was ready to start my workshop!

So as you all know, I love decorating and that is always a first for when I set up at an event or pretty much anywhere! It is all about presentation and hosting workshops allows me to have an outlet for decorating and purchasing items that will make our flower crown set up look as exciting as the flower crowns.

For Coachella, I wanted to create a dusty gold vibe with crystals, wildflower elements and candles. I just love the colors of gold, purple and white is absolutely stunning.

I also made sure that the flowers I purchased for the girls would be flowers that held well in the sun. There are certain flowers to consider when creating a crown and if you plan on making one yourself for an outdoor event, it is important to make sure the flowers you use will maintain its shape under the heat. Flowers that are good for that typically have stronger stock, such as emile, pom poms and various forms of foliage. What is nice is that these flowers and greenery will also have an energy of being free, wild and playful, so it is perfect for creating your own festival flower crown.

I had so much fun with the group of girls that came out. It was seriously like being with my closest group of girlfriends. Wanderlust provided the wine, I provided the flowers and the girls provided the energy. It was a perfect combination for a beautiful night crafting and getting to know each other.

The girls did really well and I shared with them some tricks to making flower crowns that I don't usually tell :)

And of course, we took lots of pictures afterwards! I love these adorable are they?!

These are some of my favorite photos and memories from my workshops with Wanderlust. They are just really playful, fun and easy-going! Thank you gals for coming out and being part of this, as well as, a huge thank you to Wanderlust Hollywood for having us back!

To find more workshops, follow us on Instagram // THECROWNCOLLECTIVE

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