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Anthropologie // Newport Beach, CA

For those who don't know, Anthropologie was one of our first stores that we started doing workshops at in 2013. Looking back, a majority of our workshops with them have been around Mother's Day and of course, when the opportunity came to go south and host a DIY Flower Arranging class at Anthropologie's re-opened Newport Beach location, I said yes :)

I wanted to offer the ladies some different choices when it came to our flower arranging workshop. I wanted to play with colors that wouldn't traditionally be used in bouquets, as well as, textures and foliage. I wanted to have a ton of choices for the ladies to play with and have the opportunity to get creative!

The Anthropologie store in Newport was so big! Much bigger than any other Anthropologie store that I have been to and they even had a few different rooms for inspiration for home decor. It was my dream come true. And when they told me I could go around the store to choose decor for the set up, I was more than okay with that idea!

We set up in their dining area and from there, set up a nice table for the ladies to work on. They had yummy drinks, treats and the perfect set up for a fun crafting workshop.

It was really nice to meet all the ladies who came by and each one of them was so darling. I really appreciate when I have workshops where I can connect with the people who come by. From learning about their backgrounds and seeing their creativity come out through the flowers, that to me, is a day at the office ;)

Sarah from Anthropologie was my right hand lady and she was the best! She just moved to Orange County from San Fransisco and I really enjoyed having her be my partner at the event. We even had time for her to make her own bouquet, so that was fun.

There is always a nice feeling of coming back to where it all started. Anthropologie will always have a special place in my heart and I absolutely adore the ladies who came out today! I had so many favorite moments...I loved the sweetness of the ladies who were so excited to create and play with flowers. I also loved seeing how proud they were when they finished their arrangements!

Whether it is making flower crowns to making your own flower bouquet, I think what is most beautiful is being able to witness the empowerment and confidence coming from being able to just create!

Special thanks to Heather Tartaglia for coming out and taking these beautiful photos for us. Heather is located in Orange County, CA and specializes in wedding and lifestyle photography.

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