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Bohemian-Inspired Shower // Macrame, Crystals & Flower Crowns

Thinking of having a Bohemian-inspired look for your next baby shower, bachelorette party or birthday event? Look no further, this recent baby shower captured by Jessie Jean Photography will get your creative juices flowing and inspired to host your own party that includes the details of macrame, crystals and flower crowns.

For the flower crown, the inspiration behind it was big, bold and moody. We used large spiral eucalyptus for the foliage with bougainvillea, ranunculus and thistle. The blend of soft and hard textures with the bold and fullness through the texture of the flowers used was the design to create this bohemian look.

For some of the guests, we kept the crowns simple with just green foliage. I highly recommend that if you are thinking about having flower crowns at your event, that the guest-of-honor have a crown that stands out and the guests having something that flows with her crown, but more simplistic in design. You can do this by having 1-2 varietals that are in the guest-of-honor crown and create complementary crowns that help build a cohesive look to the overall event. For this event, we created a 3 varietal look for the maid of honor with eucalyptus, burgundy wax flower and thistle and for the bridesmaids we just used 1 varietal, which was the seeded eucalyptus.

1. Flower Crowns:

The Crown Collective by Carolyn Brown

IG: thecrowncollective

2. Florals:

Leticia Boyle


3. Plants:


IG: Plantladyco

4.Seating Area Rentals:

Witty Rentals

IG: witty_rentals

5. Bar, gift table and Misc Rentals:

(brown bottles, baskets, and gems)

Jake Duke Studios

IG: jakedukestudios

6. Tableware:

Party Pleasers Event Rental Co

IG: partypleasers

7. Macrame:


IG: macramama

8. Rugs:

Coco Carpets

IG: cococarpets

9. Neon Sign "I got you babe"


IG: echoneonstudio

10. Cookies and Macaroons:

Sweetlee Made by Cindy Lee


11. Cake:


IG: wool.and.flax

12. Donuts:

Sidecar Donuts

13. Invites:

Brooke Gudenau

IG: bevyandbrine

14. Coasters and Napkins

For Your Party

IG: foryourparty

15. Photography

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