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Dots Cafe & Bakery // A Night of Desserts, Florals and Celebration

We started the year off with the celebration filled with vibrant colors, mouth-watering foods and fragrant flowers that surrounded everyone in attendance. As part of a private event to celebrate the opening of Dots Cafe & Bakery, the little sister to Pasadena's Dots Cupcakes, Hailey Kwon (owner of both establishments) hosted an evening that included a beautiful balloon & floral installation, an array of DOTS desserts and cakes and a full-service flower crown bar to just name a few.

Gorgeous Balloon and Flower Installation by Wen Floral and Fleuretica

Food on Food on Food <3

Just some of the desserts

Photos provided by Gema Ortiz Photography

The color inspiration for the flower crowns were designed around the wallpaper at DOTS Cafe, which were bright colors that included eggplant purple, sunset orange, pinks, blues, yellows and burgundy. The colors were bold and vibrant, exactly the energy and style of this event.

The flower crowns for the evening

Dark burgundy, purples, oranges and other vibrant tones as the color palate for the crowns

Our Flower Crown Designer on site styling and prepping the flowers for the evening

Flower Crown Photos provided by David Cano

There were so many creative vendors, artists, florists, and everyone in between who was part of this event that all together, created a fun-filled evening for all attendees. With the creative team there to help with crafting the flower crowns, I was able to come as a guest and experience the beautiful event that Hailey hosted. I clearly remember getting a rush of adrenaline when I walked in and saw all the food, the people, the production of everything coming together...and I came near the tail-end of the event (which goes to show how fun this grand opening was). The team and I had such a fun evening celebrating the opening and the start of the new year!

Congratulations to Hailey for opening Dots Cafe & Bakery located in Pasadena, CA!

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