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Pandora x T-Mobile // Coachella's Indio Invasion

It is the time of year when flower crowns make their way out to the desert sun, surrounded by music, watermelons and tons of dust. This year, we were hired to come out to work with Pandora Radio to provide 300 crowns for their guests and we were more than excited to be part of this amazing production. My assistant, but mainly one of my best girlfriends, and I drove out to Pioneertown the Thursday before weekend 1 of Coachella. I accidentally stumbled into Pioneertown when I did a delivery for a wedding a few weeks back and LOVED it. I mostly fell in love with this town because it was some place I have never been to and we met this couple who makes soaps, hats and clothing from their goats. When I was there last time, I actually made their goat Pepper a flower collar from some left over flowers I had from the wedding and it really was a great moment to experience with them, as you could see how delighted they were to see one of their goats decked out in flowers. It was so sweet!

So we made it to Pioneertown, which is about 30-45 minutes from where we needed to be and this is where we set up camp. We stayed at Pioneertown Motel and they had a rustic design that was exactly what we were looking for. I loved all the charm and desert details of our room and the beds were super comfortable, so that is always a plus!

We started working on the crowns first thing Friday morning. It was SO WINDY and so we ended up needing to work inside our hotel to avoid getting dirt and all sorts of things into our eyes, mouths and ears :) We just played some music, had some girl talk over some wine and made who knows how many crowns during the first few hours of work.

We did take breaks though, especially when this sweet pup came to visit our room.

There are plenty of moments where I stop and have a realization that this is my life: traveling and making flower crowns. I would have never guessed that when I first started THE CROWN COLLECTIVE that we would be working with Pandora and T-Mobile making flower crowns for one of their private parties for Coachella. It always amazes me to experience such surreal moments and I am always grateful that I am able to share these experiences with my friends. How is this real life?! I don't know, but I will take them when they come :)

We made some time to relax and have lunch at Pappy and Harriets, which is a restaurant/bar located right across the street from the motel. I had the best veggie burger and cheese fries...must get if you are in town! Afterwards, I made some time to visit Bill and JoAnne, the couple that I met the last time I was in Pioneertown. My friends and husband always tease me because I find myself in the most random of places. There is something about surrendering to the experience that I have a high for and every single time, I have had such a wonderful experience meeting people and having the best of times.

We drove out to Bill and JoAnne's ranch out in the middle of Pioneertown and it was so good to see them! We got to see all of their goats, dogs and chickens...a true homestead lifestyle. I love and will always love their goats...such personalities and so sweet. We got to hold their 3-day old newborns, play with the toddlers and I made friends with their most naughty goat, Lorenzo, who apparently knows how to open the gate to let himself out and turn on the faucet just because. Going to see them and spending time with their goats was probably one of my favorite memories of the trip. Below is a picture of baby Togo (tough goat). Bill was worried he wouldn't make it because he was so small and not taking to the bottle, but I made sure to love on him and here is one of my favorite pictures of me with baby Togo.

Afterwards, we spent the remainder of the night creating the crowns. We ended up having major allergies throughout the night, but we pushed on :) It was great and we knocked out about 30% of all the crowns we wanted to create for the event.

The next day, my two other assistants drove out from LA and we all got ready together in the morning. We even had time to walk main street and do some team bonding around town.

We finally made it to Pandora and they had a great set up for us decked out with a cabana near the entrance of the event. I brought out my new bohemian decor to showcase for this event and it was the perfect set designs, purple crystals and New Zealand Tea Tree branches.

We got all the Pandora and T-Mobile girls set up and from there, we were busy from the start to the end of the event hand-crafting crowns for all the guests. This party was really well done and they nailed it in terms of creating an exciting atmosphere through all the details with the drinks, appetizers, a DJ set by Walk the Moon and synchronized swimmers in the pool.

It was so great meeting you all and excited for next year! Thank you for all of your support, we wouldn't be anywhere without you guys, xo

Check out the teaser video // Produced and edited by Danny Pollack

Full length video // Stoelt Productions

For more photos from this event //

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