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An Afternoon with Tastemaker & Creative Influencer, David Cano

I met David at our first event of 2018 - I remember it like it was yesterday, but then again, it feels like it was ages ago. I suppose motherhood does that to you. What connected David and I was our interest in each other's work and creative interests. Instagram also helped. That is where we first crossed paths and then a few hours later, connected in person and have been cultivating our professional friendship ever since.

What drew me to David was his kind-hearted soul - you know, the type of person that is genuine with no strings attached. He is a people-person and there is something about him that makes me trust him wholeheartedly. I go bananas when I meet people like him in the creative industry - or I guess anywhere in life, but it stands out to me in the professional field because that is where I meet most people these days.

Working independently, coming in contact with others usually happens on a short term experience of back-and-forth conversations. So when the opportunity arises where I can work on several projects or have an extended amount of contact and time with others, I really value it because it makes me remember the benefits of partnerships and how they have their own power vs. being an independent entity.

David and I worked on a project where he helped take photos of a HUGE life-changing project I just wrapped up on. On that project, I recognized his professionalism, ease to adapt and willingness to help out where needed. On our most recent adventure together, we did some shots where I styled him with fresh hellebores, fern and other foliage varietals. No band, just foliage and hair pins to create his look.

I really appreciate David's openness to explore and play with me on this shoot. It's refreshing to be able to just go with whatever creatively comes up. Nice and easy. I also love that we got to explore boundaries in a different way while creating a look that is still relatable. Specifically for David's crown, I had this idea to work with framing his face with the hanging hellebores and create a natural look that wasn't traditional in the type of crowns we usually do for events. I've been wanting to just do something different anyways; I guess I always do. There's something about exploring different options with the same materials that attracts me. So thank you David for being my muse and inspiration for this look.

Photos // David Cano

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