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Celestial Baby Shower // Lauren, Aaron & Baby Story

Becoming a mother has been an inspiring experience. From a personal experience to being able to witness and be part of many women's lives as they transform and evolve into becoming a mother, being able to create crowns in celebration of such a milestone has been an honor for us as a company.

There is nothing more meaningful then to create something special for someone. I have been fortunate enough to have met Lauren a few years back during an event with Hulu and since then, have created her and her friends numerous crowns...and all with different themes and designs. Not one crown is the same, not even for the same person and when it was time to create Lauren a crown for her baby shower, I already knew what details to incorporate that would reflect the loving energy that radiates in and around her.

Her friend Molly shared some inspirations for the crowns, which had a celestial theme with pink and maroon tones. From there, we added quartz crystals and in terms of flowers, wanted to design something textured with a feminine touch, yet strong while maintaining this sense of grace.

We also designed crowns for the hosts of the baby shower as well, which were similar to Lauren's, but did not have the details of the fringed maroon tulip, crystals and other varietals that would help distinguish her crown from the rest.

I am so happy for Lauren and her husband Aaron for welcoming their baby girl Story. Sending you all the love to this little one and can't wait to surround her with flowers some day!


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