Designing Disney - A Dream Come True

There are moments in life that change everything. Legacies are created on the roots of struggle and triumph. Dreams become true without even knowing that those dreams were ever wanted to begin with.

When THE CROWN COLLECTIVE started, the seed that was planted was one that had intention to create connection and community. There was no other purpose in mind other than to engage in an activity that would create memories for a group of people that I was spending an afternoon with one sunny afternoon day. There was no business plan. There was no insight. Just an idea.

Who knew that this idea would lead me to today, starting our fifth year as a company providing flower crowns and other interactive floral activations for events and parties. Five years of learning how to be an entrepreneur, five years of growth (creatively, personally, professionally), and five years providing countless of events nationwide and for some of the most trusted brands in America.

That goes to show you that life is not necessarily about following the rules and what we are told to do or become. Life is about honoring our strengths, our interest and allowing ourselves to live up to our fullest potential - even if we don't even know what that looks like quite yet. To be honest, none of us really know what our greatest potential is. I think we all strive to figure it out though and in doing so, we make mistakes, we grow and we connect with people along the way that act as catalysts for us to gain clarity into ourselves and our mission in life.

As I look back over the years, I see how each decision I made has led me to the exact place I am now. Owning this business has not only changed my life, but saved my life. Taking the risk to shift careers from a Therapist/Life Coach to being an entrepreneur working with flowers was one of the biggest moves I made in my 20s. And all it took was one choice to invest in myself with love, kindness and support. Through that, it took me to experience one of the biggest moments of my life and career: filming with Disney Digital Network to showcase Disney-inspired flower crowns for an elevated docu-series.

I was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and wanted to create a crown that would incorporate 3 different scenes from the movie - the initial scene where she is making a crown made from daises, the garden scene where she is surrounded by bold-toned flowers and of course, the red roses scene with the Queen of Hearts.

Since all of these scenes are quite different in their presentation, the difficulty was incorporating all the elements together where they would flow and not take away from each other. In terms of size, we decided to go big and bold...something that I usually don't do in my typical day-to-day crowns, but something I wanted to do for a more theatrical, yet relatable look.

The whole experience was surreal. From the moment of contact to each and every moment following the email that let me know that they were interested in having me be part of the show, this experience was a dream come true...and I did not even know that this was a dream I ever even wanted to begin with. I got my hair and make up done professionally, which was a fun and an unexpected treat! I just got to experience a day in the life of production, which for me, was the coolest part to experience. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the behind-the-scenes action of how things work.

I think that is the amazing part of listening and being authentic to who we are. When we finally allow ourselves to just be ourselves without judgment, fear or control, the possibilities of growth and life-changing experiences become available - whatever that might be! I use to have a lot of limitations growing up, some were legitimate fears and some were concepts I took on by other people. But at the end of the day, I know I wouldn't be able to have had this experience without having those less favorable moments be part of the journey.

But enough about all of that :) Now that all the therapist in me has made its debut, the entrepreneur/flower crown part of me is so excited to share with you the experience I had in filming with Disney! It really was a life-changing experience and having my home being taken over by Disney's Production Team and filming not only there, but in their studio for the final reveal of the crown was surreal!</