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CULTIVATE Workshop with Emily Magers & Dawn Charles

As things have been slowing down for us here at TCC due to my maternity leave, the things that bring me so much joy is getting to see some of the photos that come through from some of our last few projects, events and collaborations. This was especially true for a crystal crown created with quartz crystals, dried peony petals and designed with different materials and textures that we usually use on our traditional flower crowns. Creatively, this crown was something fun to experiment with and I was happy to have it photographed by the girls at the CULTIVATE Workshop led by a friend and colleague, Emily Magers and her partner, Dawn Charles.

Workshop: @cultivateworkshop Emily Magers: @emily.magers Dawn Charles: @dawn.charles Florals: @rootedflorals Engagement model Caleb & Stefanie: @unshakablecrown Engagement Model Kinsey & Josh: @sincerelykinsey Styling: @kelseyraedesigns Dresses: @theenglishdept Make up & hair: @veilofgrace Wedding Models Rachael & Andrew: @rachelreinertstudio @phacebook Video: @leocabal Stationary: @twinkleandtoast Crown: @thecrowncollective Rentals: @Circarentals Rings: @Trumpetandhorn Glasswear: @Prettyvintagerentals

Swag Vendors: Bags: @finelifeco Wood boxes: @makeandstow Rolelrs: @shopmonta Print: @jenessawait Cards/waxseal: @twinkleandtoast

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