The Traveling Native // Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Spontaneity has been an influencing factor this year. Spontaneity in the form of surrendering to the possibilities of being open, spontaneity in the form of extending beyond what is comfortable and spontaneity in the form of living in trust versus fear. Cultivating from a place of spontaneity allows for flow, movement and expansion in ways that aren't as accessible to us when we act from planning. Spontaneity allows you to surpass limitations and move into experiencing with a stance of curiosity and wonder.

About a week ago, I ended up booking a trip to Mexico. Booked on a Wednesday and on a plane by that Friday, this was the first time I have ever just spontaneously booked a flight just because timing and opportunities were aligned to foster travel. All I knew was that I wanted to get away and be somewhere different. With points accrued from my credit cards, this trip was pretty much taken care of and we were able to travel and stay at The Bahia Hotel in Cabo San Lucas; all with the benefits of being spontaneous, while enjoying the benefits of being responsible and financially savvy. We left the gloomy LA weather to arrive 2 hours later to a warm, bright and sunny Mexico. We set ourselves up with a private driver with the hotel, which was a nice luxury to experience knowing that it can be a bit overwhelming to maneuver through the crowds of people trying to sell you timeshares, taxi rides and miscellaneous tourist-related activities .

The Bahia Hotel is a beautiful boutique with bohemian, modern and beach influences in their decor. We absolutely loved staying here and had a hammock right outside our room. I find pleasure in details like that, especially as a Virgo. Also, everything is available on-site and they are always cleaning throughout the day, so you know this place is well taken care of. Maybe a minute or two walk to the beach, The Bahia Hotel is central to everything and has everything from a coffee shop that literally had the best cinnamon roll I have ever tasted (it had lemon zest in it) to fine dining accommodations at Bar Esquina that had a live 3-man band singing the classics. They also, hands down, had the best Caesar Salad that was platted beautiful with a circular crouton crust that dreams are made of. The Bahia Hotel has it all if you are looking for a one-stop shop hotel that is friendly, accommodating and clean. It is also a left, right, left walk from Tacos Gardenias, which was recommended to us by the staff at The Bahia, which has the BEST taco set up I have ever experienced.

Our first day upon arrival was spent exploring the city.

I loved seeing the blue and white spotted fish in the harbor that would swim alongside the rocks. I loved the warm sun hugging my shoulders and being able to just feel the sun in general (LA has had a nice winter with most of the weather being grey and rainy). We spent sunset watching the water and admiring the clouds forming over us. It was a sight to see at minimum.