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The Giveaway // Kaitlyn & Friends

Since the beginning of the year, I have been excited to do some new things through TCC. One of those things was to do more giveaways and create fun, engaging experiences for our followers who have supported us along the way. As we step into starting our 5th year as a company, I figured this would be the perfect time to host a giveaway and that is what we did. In celebration of starting year five, we decided to gift a winner and four of their friends flower crowns.

Kaitlyn was our winner of our 5-year anniversary giveaway. I had met her earlier in the year at a previous event and was so happy to find out she and her friends would be receiving the crowns from this giveaway experience. We decided to create a moody, fall-inspired look for the girls; rich in burgundy & red tones, oranges and dark elements were key elements I wanted to include in their crowns.

Thank you to Alyssa Marie Photography for capturing these darling ladies and congratulations to Kaitlyn and her friends on being part of our 5-year anniversary giveaway!

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