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Cheap Vacations - Michael Manning Art Exhibit Opening at GAVLAK

Being an artist is quite simple. In fact, it is so simple that the details can get overlooked. Art is a noun, a verb, a common denominator for all things expressive and creative. It is the guiding force that creates stories reflecting a moment in time. It is everything and anything we want it to be. It is our legacy.

Art has its various mediums that it comes out through. For us, the medium are the flowers we use to create the crowns. For others, the medium can really be anything. And for Michael Manning, his medium is technology and social networking.

We had the pleasure of celebrating Michael's exhibition of new work, Cheap Vacations at GAVLAK located in Los Angeles, CA. Below is an except of the story behind Cheap Vacations by Michael Manning:

"I spend a lot of time thinking about views and how much people will pay for them. Ocean views cost a lot these days, but with all the rain this year the canyons are blooming. Sometimes it doesn’t rain though, and you're just looking at a shitty hill. Everyone wants that cheap vacation. Sitting on the passenger’s side watching the world smear past. The sky and the sea split like a ripped canvas. A fissure where we are engulfed by all of it, building up around and passing through us but never quite having it."

Supporting and merging the flowers with his pieces was a colorful, pastel paradise. The crisp, white walls of GAVLAK with the touches of color through Michael's pieces made for a spring soiree that was visually mesmerizing. For this event, guests were provided our full-service flower crown bar with hand-crafted crowns prepared for each guests with flowers and colors chosen specifically to complement the tones of Michael's artwork.

The Details

Venue // GAVLAK


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