Sleepless // The Music Center After Hours

This year we had the privilege to join the creative minds behind Sleepless: The Music Center After Hours to participate in their spring-inspired event developed on the concepts of renewal, migration, change and growth. For those who relate or are partial to meanings behind numerology, with the universal year being 1 and its numerical significance, it is perfect timing that 2017 represents a year of creativity, learning and planting intentions that we hope to cultivate in the upcoming years.

So what exactly is Sleepless: The Music Center After Hours? Sleepless is an event for those willing to explore, pioneer and express their creativity through curiosity. It was an evening filled with hands-on activities, such as creating origami cranes that will be archived in a special Sleepless time capsule that will be opened in 50 years, talking to plants through decommissioned phone booths in order to know more about regional plant varieties as voiced by local expert gardeners, or through exploring the flower meadow where we taught 200+ people how to create their own flower crowns. The activities were abundantly curated to foster exploration and discovery for their guests.

Photos Courtesy of The Music Center

One of the more unique experiences was watching a professional whistler create magical sounds of birds chirping and singing. It was something that I have never experienced, but truly appreciated and was mesmerized by.

Photo Courtesy of The Music Center

For the flower crown meadows, we wanted to create an experience that was casual, immersive and part of the ambiance of the live Sitar group that was playing music throughout the entire evening. We wanted to create an earthy, fresh and clean space that was also magical and welcoming. The color palate we focused on was white and green - spring renewal with a clean slate was the intention.