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Jacqui & Spencer // The Backyard

There is something to be said about doing away with tradition. There is excitement in not following the rules; a sense of freedom, spontaneity and true liberation from the 'shoulds'' of what we think we have to do. It is not always easy to steer away from tradition, even though there is something about it that is attractive. I actually really adore tradition. Tradition is a story defined by elements that work. There is warmth, comfort and care in tradition. And then there are weddings that stray off; incorporating traditional elements, but also finding creativity, character and opening up space for the essence and personality of the couple to really shine. I absolutely love seeing those details show up in the events and weddings that we get to be a part of.

One of those weddings was that of Jacqui and Spencer. Easy-going, playful and generous are the words that come to mind when I think back about their wedding. I think of how the wedding was a true reflection of my experience with this couple; just warm, engaging, and loving. There were many beautiful details of their wedding that stands out, but the one that truly stood out to me was being able to see their dinner party come together with such ease, beauty and play that truly represented who they are as a couple.

Marriage is a path that leads to greater understanding, compassion and appreciation for not only your partner, but for yourself as well. You don't necessarily need to be married to have understanding, compassion or appreciation for the things in your life, but having a partner to experience life with makes it all the easier.

Congrats you two, we absolutely adore you and thank you for just being amazing people, xo

The Details

Photographer // Scott Clark Photography

Event Planning & Coordination // Firefly Events

Cocktails // Cocktail Academy

Table Floral Garlands // Twig and Twine


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