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Matt & Lauren's Wedding // Rim Rock Ranch in Pioneertown, CA

Today I had the honor of receiving some beautiful photos from one of my recent brides from her desert wedding in Pioneertown, CA. When I first came in contact with Lauren, I knew that she was going to be someone really wonderful to get to work with and I knew that she was going to have a pretty fun wedding based off of some ideas and photos she sent to me about what she had in mind for her bridal crown. After setting up a Pinterest Board to share photos with each other of what we both liked, I was able to get a really good read of what she wanted and I was more than excited to create a special crown for her designed with succulents and other desert-influenced flowers and foliage.

She also decided to get some simple flower crowns for her bridesmaids, so we decided that a single-variety flower crown made out of wax flowers would be the perfect detail for this desert wedding. I think wax flowers is a great alternative for a simple baby's breath crown if you are looking for something more rustic and earthy. For Lauren's bridesmaids' crowns, we also mixed the wax flowers based off of color. Typically you can find white, light pink, and light red wax flowers to play around with.

SIDE NOTE // For any brides who plan to get married soon, setting up a private Pinterest board to share photos with your florist is a great way to have a collection of ideas all organized in one place for just you and your florist to access. From there, you can both comment, like and share ideas on your own private Pinterest Board, which is really nice because it makes it much easier to keep track of all the exchanges you might share with your florist. All you have to do is create a "secret board", add the emails of people you want to be part of it and pin away!

When it was time for Lauren and Matt's wedding in March of this year, we drove out from Los Angeles to go deliver her bouquet, bridal crown and flower crowns that she got for her bridesmaids and flower girls. As we were driving out to Pioneertown, I was in awe of the beautiful landscape and seeing this amazing small town just 15-20 minutes from Joshua Tree. It was my first time out in this area and just taken away by the rock formations and vast space surrounded by mountains and open sky.

That is why I love what I do...the brides, events and custom work take me to specific moments in life that I get to experience for the first time, but are someone else's everyday experiences. It's really such an honor to get a glimpse into their lives and see the details that come together based off of the things that make them who they are individually and as a couple.

I finally got to meet Lauren once I arrived to deliver her flowers. When I got to the venue, I was so surprised to find such a cool spot in the middle of nowhere. It was literally the last spot on the road in the middle of the desert, but it was so impressive... rustic, charming and full of personality.

I came into the room filled with girls in matching tye-dye robes and everyone was in good spirits. It was awesome to see Lauren surrounded by all her gal pals and it was obvious that she is one of those people who is just a good person that you want to be around.

There were so many details that I fell in love with as I was checking out her photos and definitely had a few this cupcake bar, with cupcakes created by Roman Blas of Over the Rainbow Desserts. I can't believe how these cake toppers look EXACTLY like you two...amazing!

Weddings are one of those life events that are a true reflection of who you are as a couple. Remember to always stay authentic to what makes you happy. It can be easy to be pulled in so many directions when it comes to wedding inspiration photos, but just remember that there are unique things about you as a couple that when integrated into your wedding, will create the charm, personality and memories that your guests will take away from your milestone moment.

Oh and lastly...remember to breathe. It is your wedding day of just go have fun, enjoy and soak in all the moments that are all about this new chapter in your life, xo

Thank you Lauren and Matt for having me be part of your wedding festivities through the flowers...absolutely in love with all the details, colors and style of your wedding and wishing the two of you all my best, xo

Venue // Rim Rock Ranch located in Pioneertown, CA

Bouquet & Flower Crowns // THE CROWN COLLECTIVE

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