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I Am That Girl // Be Seen, Be Heard, Belong

I Am That Girl. Four simple words.

Four simple words that hold depth and meaning to thousands of girls across the globe and connecting them through their message of community, self-compassion and empowerment on both an individual and social level.

That is the power of language; it has meaning, influence and value. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the magic that is language, but when we make the time to recognize and appreciate the value of speaking our truths, well, we can truly change our experiences in life.

In mid-October, our team was introduced to the women behind I Am That Girl, a 501(c)3 organization helping girls to transform self-doubt in to self-love by providing a safe space to connect and have honest conversations about things that matter. Hearing about their organization and mission to support young females during such a transformative period of their lives really resonated with THE CROWN COLLECTIVE team. It only made sense to support this organization and be part of their inaugural #GIRL2016 event to unite girls from across the country to experience a full-day of speakers, entertainment and hands-on crafting.

THE CROWN COLLECTIVE team was made available during a part of the conference where the girls would have some time to mingle, eat, drink and get crafty. For the flower crowns, we gave the girls an opportunity to get hands on through creating their own flower arrangements through the use of bright, bold color tones.

With four crafting tables, six Crown Designers (half from the lovely team of Tasteful Tatters) and with an hour of hands-on crafting, over 100 girls created their own flower crown or decorated their braids with fresh florals to create the liveliest of gatherings that we have been a part of.

Having the opportunity to support I Am That Girl and their vision for shifting girl culture through the flower crowns was a true privilege. Seeing each girl design their crown through their own creativity and vision was a wonderful moment to witness. In addition, it was clear that the space created during this event was powerful beyond words through the gathering of female influencers ranging from musicians and speakers to coordinators and the founding visionary of I Am That Girl.

And there is the beauty of language; even when unspoken, the intention and energy can be felt through the gathering of individuals working together for a common vision.

Thank you to the I Am That Girl organization for creating a space celebrating not only the message of community and empowerment, but also supporting the diversity in which people choose to foster it.

Speaking thanks to Emilee Sutherland from Tasteful Tatters and Juli & Rachel from I Am That Girl

The Details

Photographer // Emily Duncan Photography

Event Design// Tasteful Tatters

Sponsors // Levis & Secret


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