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Newborn Shoot // Linda and George's Sweet little ones

When it came time to give a friend a gift for her baby shower, I knew that I wanted to give her something memorable. I wanted to give her an experience; a piece of my life in efforts to celebrate hers. So naturally, a gift for a photo shoot and floral styling for her newborns was the gift that I knew would be a special experience to give them.

I asked Abigail Collins to come on board because she has a rich, soulful energy to her and the photos that she creates. After collaborating on some ideas, we wanted to create a lifestyle shoot that would focus on highlighting the natural details of parenthood, unconditional love and family origins.

Abigail nailed every shot. I absolutely love the natural moments captured between all of the family members and of course, tears definitely came up when I saw the picture of Linda's mom and George's grandmother together. That was one of my favorite raw and real, so amazing.

Details of the floral styling was thoughtfully incorporated into the shoot, as the use of olive leaves were used to represent the Greek heritage side of the family and chamomile to represent the German heritage in the newborns.

After being friends for many years, this will be a moment that we shared that I will remember throughout our lives and I was grateful to have Abigail be there to capture this special moment for my friends.

When it comes to celebrating your friends and family, I found that one of the best gifts is thinking outside the box and finding something that can be very meaningful to them.

For me personally, gifting a photo shoot has been something that my friends and family love. Not only do they get a unique experience with a photographer that I know and recommend, but they also get to keep professional photos of a moment in their life forever!

Photographer // Abigail Collins

Location // Redondo Beach, CA

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