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Smile, It's Free // Tiffani Thiessen Spring 2016 Children's Editorial

While I was on my trip in Texas to see one of my best friends, I got tagged in a post looking for florists to make flower crowns for an upcoming shoot. I wish I knew who tagged me in the post because without them, working with this team would never of happened. So whoever you are...thank you!

That's the one thing about social media that is such a phenomenon. The power of connection. I have to say, Instagram has really been a social media outlet that has helped TCC become what it is today and it is with the help and support from all of our followers that allow us the opportunities to create and do what we love!

For this shoot, led by Lucia Tran, who is a publicist out in LA and has a really impressive background in the industry, the concept of "Smile, It's Free" came to life. They wanted a spring look that would support the overall vibe of various children clothing that was clean, young and adorable. I decided to create crowns that would have a nice look to them, but also wanted to create a look that wasn't so traditional, but just the right amount of uniqueness to fit the style for this project.

I decided to go with whites and creams to pair nicely with the outfits that were sent over to me. The power of creams, whites and off-whites go really well with a softer, more neutral palate.

On the day of the shoot, I met up with the photographers and videographers and we had a really nice chat before meeting up with the creative team. It is always nice to have moments to get to know one another because on shoots, things can get pretty busy and there is typically not much time to chat and mingle. Something that was also nice was running into Bill Horn, who we did a birthday event for his daughter last year. It is always nice to see people who you have worked with and overlap in life and check in to see how they are doing!

All in all, the shoot was so adorable with all of these kids just being kids. I wonder what it would be like to have my own one day, but until then, it was really a pleasure to watch the kids play, interact and just be while us adults (probably 15 of us) watched them for the shoot :)

Enjoy the video produced by Juice Box Media for Tiffani Thiessen and Lucia Tran

Production Team

Video and Concept Production // Tiffani Thiessen

Publicist/Production // Lucia Tran

Photographer // Brandon Kidd

Videographer // Juice Box Media

Hair & Make-Up // Junie Kang


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