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Drop It Modern

I had the opportunity to work with Breanne from Drop It Modern, which is a design company whose goal is to consistently create innovative products that will benefit the marketplace by being the most inspiring, the most functional, and of course- the most MODERN. She wanted a crown that wasn't traditional and had some inspirational photos that set the stage for what I decided to create for her shoot, which was a blend of romance and sophistication with a hint of flair and fun.

\\ Inspiration photos sent by Breanne for her custom crown design //

The shoot was located out in Joshua Tree and was the first shoot that I wasn't able to attend to personally; however, it was really nice to let all the creative magic happen with the Drop It Modern production team and just enjoy seeing the pictures as they came through. I have been really drawn to the desert and mountains these past few months and finding myself creating more work for creatives, brides and events out in the desert. I guess you attract what you put out :)

On another note, a nice surprise was seeing Shauntelle Sposto as the photographer on the shoot. I have been following her work for a bit on Instagram and so I was pretty excited to hear that she was photographing the girls, the backdrops and the custom-designed crown for this shoot.

Here are the beautiful photos for the Drop It Modern shoot held in April 2016.

This first picture is one of my favorites. I absolutely love the overall energy of the desert captured here in the photo and seeing how feminine the model looked, but also this feeling of strength and grace.

For anyone who knows me, I love a good BTS shot. It really shows a fuller picture of how things like this come together.

I am also in admiration of this loose, messy braid by Erin Skipley...especially with the color of her hair, so beautiful.

Production Team // Drop It Modern, Joshua Tree

Vision & Creative Director // Breanne Schaap of Drop It Modern

Hair & Make-Up // Erin Skipley


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