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The Crystal Collection // Topanga Canyon, CA

The Crystal Collection was created through my admiration of stones, geodes and healing crystals. Being part of the yoga and meditation community, I had many opportunities to learn about different stones and crystals that held various healing characteristics and vibrational properties. I still have a lot to learn and explore when it comes to crystals and how to effectively incorporate them into my daily living; however, I knew that I wanted to create flower crowns that would reflect my appreciation for such a beautiful element of earth.

I find my crystals and stones from various locations, but the ones I specifically used in the crowns featured in the following photos were from The Native Spirit Lodge in Woodland Hills, CA.

When it came to planning when and where to shoot, I knew that I wanted to find some bright and beautiful bougainvillea flowers and cactus to create a desert, earth-inspired feeling. I also knew the flowers I wanted to use in the crowns to have color, so that I could create a rich, vibrant and earthy look. We ended up shooting at a few places nearby my home studio by Topanga Canyon and Hidden Hills. When it came down to finding the talent to represent this new collection, I knew I wanted to have ladies that I met through THE CROWN COLLECTIVE.

\\ Talent //

I met Paris last year at an event with Free People where she sang and I instantly fell in love with her music and style. I knew that I would cross paths again with her and I was more than grateful to have her come on and shoot for this collection. One of my favorite memories from this shoot was spending time driving home from having dinner together with all the girls and listening to a song she just wrote and recorded. We were the first to hear this song and having that moment to share with her and the girls was one that I will always remember.

Azucena was the other talent that I was so proud to have. She came to an event that we had with Alcove Bar and Bakery for their Night in Rio event a few weeks before. I love having people who we meet through our events be part of THE CROWN COLLECTIVE in some way. Having her model the crowns gave a richness and beauty to what I wanted to capture and she was the perfect person to have for this shoot.

\\ Topanga Canyon //

On the bottom of Topanga Canyon towards Woodland Hills is an area with a surplus of cactus and is a great place to shoot. Specifically, if you go into the neighborhood, you can find a row of cactus that is off the main road and there is no one around because it is a connecting road into the community.

\\ Hidden Hills //

When I first moved to LA, I worked as a Pediatric Play Therapist for children with Autism for Holding Hands, a multidisciplinary clinic providing therapy to children with developmental delays. Although I no longer work for Holding Hands, I have a great relationship with Ziba and Mark, who are the owners of this amazing clinic. They live in Hidden Hills and were generous enough to open their home for us to shoot. There were so many places in her home that I love and so being able to shoot at her house was really an honor.

I couldn't be happier with how beautiful the photos came out from my dear colleague and friend, Emily Magers. Being able to expand and create flower crowns that incorporate elements that are traditionally used is something that I really enjoy exploring. My vision with THE CRYSTAL COLLECTION is to create beautifully curated flower crowns that are intentional and meaningful to the people who wear them.


Photography // Emily Magers

Talent // Paris Carney & Azucena Carillo

Hair and Make-up // Alexandra Flores

Flower Crowns and Styling // THE CROWN COLLECTIVE

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