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Drop It Modern // Solid in Blush

There is something to be said about being able to see someone's vision come to life through the collection of people sharing what they do best. There is also something to be said about having a visionary who is thoughtful, creative and generous in all that they do. This is how I would describe Bree, the founder of Drop It Modern. I worked with her on a previous shoot that she had in Joshua Tree and was able to join on her recent shoot at the Ebell of Long Beach. She went all out...a 3-week old sheep, a beautiful white bird, and an array of accessories for each of the different backdrops that she had. Pictures to come soon, but the photos below are specifically from Bree's Solid in Blush backdrop.

The flower crown for this shoot was created with flowers interspersed on string to weave throughout the model's hair and braid. I knew that we wanted to create a soft, alternative look with a classic feel and that is how the crown was created to complement Bree's vision for the shoot.

Drop It Modern Photo Shoot // May 2016

Backdrops // Drop It Modern

Photographer // Sposto Photography

Hair and Make-Up // Erin Skipley

Flower Arrangement // Lavenders Flowers

Talent // Amanda Smith


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