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The Dancing Queen // Sarah's Bridal Shower

If there was one profession that I have always admired and adored, it would be one of a dancer. The grace, the confidence, and the ability to move one's body in ways that radiates power and energy are just some of the reasons why I have the utmost respect for them. There is so much beauty in being able to express oneself through the body; using physical movements as a form of art and creativity. To know that there is a job where you can do this for a living is really a dream profession and one that I truly hold in high regards.

Over the weekend, my team and I had the opportunity to be a part of Sarah's bridal shower, comprised of farm-fresh flowers, Japanese-fusion food and best of all, all of her closest friends, who all happen to be dancers, choreographers or people in the performing arts industry.

Coordinated and hosted by one of her best friends, Marcella had thoughtfully curated the bridal shower to be engaging, intimate and most of all, a space to celebrate Sarah during one of her life milestones surrounded by people who absolutely adore her.

There was a clear ambiance about the setting that Marcella had created; it was playful, thoughtfully developed and there was an easy flow of energy that was light-hearted and comfortable. Each individual who came over for a flower crown was so darling and really was a testament to what type of person Sarah is through the people she surrounded herself with.

The colors for the crowns were specifically designed to have tones that were feminine and playful, with hints of bold colors through the burgundy spray roses. Being in Malibu at Nobu, I knew that we would need to incorporate some lighter tones and orchids into the crowns to complement the tones of ocean blue, sand tan and crashing waves white.

The things about Sarah's bridal shower that I thought made the event come together really nicely was that there wasn't too much of a structured itinerary for the event. Sometimes just having an open space that allows the people who attend the event to create the tone and flow of the party is powerful in and of itself. In a way, it is similar to what I think dancing is like, where there is form through choreography, but also space to be spontaneous, which when done in conjunction to one another, creates a beautiful moment to witness.

Parties are very similar, if not, almost the same. To have a well-curated event, there needs to be a balance of form with freedom. Form to outline the overall details that help the party come together and freedom to allow the natural composition of attendees to create the lasting details that can't be planned, only experienced as a gathering.

A big thank you to Marcella for having us at this event and a special congratulations to Sarah & Mathieu on your engagement and soon-to-be marriage to one another.

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.” ― William W. Purkey


Planner & Coordinator // Marcella Guarnino

Restaurant // Nobu Malibu


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