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Artisan Bouquet Bar // & Club Momme Event at Au Fudge

As we slowly approach our transition from summer to fall, there is an excitement that ensues knowing that we are moving one step closer to our favorite time of the year. There also seems to be a modest shift in the events that we get to partake in during the fall and winter season. From light tones to richer, moodier elements, this transition into fall is one that I always look forward to.

During spring and summer, the energy of our events really encompass the sense of beginnings and playfulness; baby showers, bridal showers, festivals, influencer events and everything in between. During the fall and winter seasons, the energy takes on a more intimate and personal approach. The gatherings, as well as the food, are warm and cozy. The mood is affectionate and relates to how the atmosphere is in the way that fall feels in Los Angeles: soft and amiable.

During our event with (which is a parenting and lifestyle publishing brand that supports mothers during every stage of motherhood - from pregnancy to the empty nest) and Club Momme (the community and events division of, the first signs of this summer to fall transition manifested through the overall production of this event.

The event took place in an intimate setting located at Au Fudge in West Hollywood. This place is the most darling of all places to check out for parents and children alike. With a restaurant, marketplace and creative space available, this place is a beautiful collection of artisan pieces surrounded by details relating to childhood dreams and magic.

During this event, we provided our Artisan Bouquet Bar, where guests were able to choose from an assorted arrangement of ranunculus, garden roses, dhalias, lisianthus and various foliage and filler flowers to create their own take home bouquet. Wrapped delicately with an off-white wax tissue paper and cranberry ribbon, the bouquets were designed to be arranged with affection, appreciation and with the aesthetics that would make every woman receiving a bouquet feel as if they were receiving a personal arrangement unique to their interest and style.

Our Artisan Bouquet Bar is designed to be an extension of our expanding list of services that involve florals or plants as an interactive, hands-on experience for events and parties.

What I really love about the Artisan Bouquet Bar that differs slightly from our Flower Crown Stations is that there is a gentleness that is felt when the arrangements are wrapped and handed off to the guests.

Gentleness in the form of gratitude and being able to hold something created with kindness. It also is a pleasant alternative to the flower crowns for those looking to have a hands-on experience that reflects another playful way to experience flowers.

There is something visceral about flowers that encourages happiness and openness. It is one thing that I completely admire and want to share with everyone that we have a chance to cross paths with at events.

The women of this event were really sweet, thoughtful and engaging. With an intimate event setting curated by Mom.Me and Club Momme, my team and I were able to have some really wonderful exchanges and in those moments, are the most appreciated when I reflect afterwards on how an event has gone.

Just like the transition from summer to fall, this specific event with & Club Momme and the Artisan Bouquet Bar was a beautiful way to start embracing the changes and connecting on a more intimate level that come with the passing of seasons.

The Details

Photographer // Katee Grace Photography - IG / FB

Hosts // & Club Momme

Venue & Food // Au Fudge

Artisan Bouquet Bar // THE CROWN COLLECTIVE

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