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A Marriage Retreat with Abigail Collins // September in Sequoia, CA

This year has been one filled with many milestones. Professionally, THE CROWN COLLECTIVE has rooted in the wedding, events and floral industry through all the opportunities that have been presented to us this year. It has been a true honor to be part of many celebrations, many of which represent the hope and transition into the next phase of this thing we call life. From birthdays, bridal and baby showers to weddings and anniversaries, these milestone moments have really given us the opportunity to stop and celebrate people in one of their most intimate experiences that they will have in their lives.

This leads me to reflect on an individual level. Personally, there has been a humbling space for growth within interpersonal relationships, self-compassion and experiences related to travel. I always thank THE CROWN COLLECTIVE for all that it has provided to me. The people, the events and the moments of self-growth through learning and experiencing all the diversity in the interactions presented to us have all not only influenced me on a professional level, but undeniably, on a personal one as well.

This is what I love about showing up. Showing up, no matter what it is, is one of the biggest steps that you can do in your life. Just getting there is sometimes half the battle. Most of the time, showing up for yourself is what ultimately creates the space for freedom to expand in your intentions and goals that you have placed that also have a by-product effect on interpersonal relationships, career choices and how your life is lived.

Showing up for THE CROWN COLLECTIVE ultimately led me to caring for this company that is much more than flower crowns and arrangements. It has allowed the chance to create a service that is rooted in personal connection, authentic exchanges and at the end of the day, a company that takes care of the people who come to it. Noticeably, it also has influenced me personally on how I take care of the people and experiences in my own life.

The idea of showing up for my company has really allowed me to show up in other areas of my life that are important to cultivating a life that makes me truly happy. One of those areas in my relationship is with my husband. Without him, THE CROWN COLLECTIVE definitely would not be where it is today. Saving the day with deliveries, supporting the lifestyle and responsibilities that come with owning a business (which usually means less time for him) and just showing up for me in our marriage and friendship has been such a gift he has given to us.

So when it came down to being part of a photographic series highlighting couples envisioned by Abigail Collins, I knew that this would be a way for me to not only to support a colleague and good friend of mine, but to also show up for my marriage, and for him, on a whole different level. After spending a week on my own on the silent retreat, it was fitting to spend a few days showing up for our marriage on our trip to Sequoia.

Abigail is a true visionary and someone that I continuously recommend, not only because she is just good at what she does, but because she is very intentional, creative and takes care of the people that she works with. With experiences in the industry, that is a rare find and a true gem to have.

Marriage is a beautiful process of compromise, change and companionship. It is not easy, but it does not have to be hard either. It is showing up for each other through all the changes, experiences and movement through life - good and bad and balancing all the commitments that life may throw at you.

Thank you Abigail for showing up on both a professional and personal level for us to connect and create these images together that we will forever cherish. We absolutely adore and honor you.

Photographer // Abigail R. Collins

Locations // Sequoia National Park (Big Trees Trail, Kaweah River & Trail of 100 Giants)

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