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2017 has been a year rooted on expansion and change. The new year started off with a new look and feel for our online presence. After spending a few months of dedicated immersion in leadership, spirituality and creative experiences, I knew that 2017 would be a year to transform THE CROWN COLLECTIVE into a catalyst for being something bigger than what it is at face value. The vision for 2017 was to foster intention, value & expansion (travel); intention in crafting flower crowns and flower arrangements designed with integrity, value in the service we provide as a company and in the experiences we get to receive through meeting each and every person we are honored to work with and expansion in bringing THE CROWN COLLECTIVE outside of Los Angeles.

As a business and even more importantly, as an individual, the idea of being and living at your fullest potential is the platform that influences how decisions are made. We are all made to be great, to share our life with the world and to be valued for our offerings and service to others and ourselves. The gift of being the caretaker of THE CROWN COLLECTIVE has been such a honor. Since starting this journey in 2013, I have been a witness to countless of milestone moments of people and experiencing moments for ourselves that have been surreal and unimaginable. I had many realizations along the way, but the one that stands out that I wanted to share with you all that are reading this, is that YOU, WE, ALL OF US are capable of living a life that is extraordinary, creative and full of abundance in whatever we want in our lives. I share this because I truly believe in it. I see how THE CROWN COLLECTIVE is more than just flower crowns. I see that the women who come into our lives are valuable individuals celebrating life's milestone moments and wanting to feel special. I see how investing in what you love will allow you to access abundance beyond what you can ever imagine.

So 2017 is all about all of that and so much more. It is able cultivating a company that values each and every opportunity that comes our way. From the people who we will meet this year, to the opportunities to experience expansion, 2017 is a year to really thrive in each other, to celebrate and value the great moments in our lives and to smile at knowing that we all are in this together.

Here's to 2017!



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