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The Traveling Native - Chicago, IL

One of our greatest moments that we got to experience this year was traveling to Chicago to work a private event for Living Color Events under the coordination of Charnelle Setser. It is always an honor to have the opportunity to work with a great production company and be a witness to the incredible work and vision that this production company created for this event.

Team Chicago!

Chicago was a wonderful experience. First off, special thanks to Amelia for hosting us for the weekend and for allowing us to use your balcony as a personal private refrigerator...actually, thank you for letting us use your whole house as a floral studio! Also, thank you to all of Ashlee's friends for hosting us for an amazing weekend and for all that you guys did for us while we were visiting your amazing town. Things could not have gone better in terms of the flow and process of traveling for this specific work trip. Something that I realized is that when something is meant to be, everything will come into alignment to make it happen...and that was definitely the case with our trip to Chicago!

One of the most important things that I love to do is look back at my favorite moments, especially when it involves traveling. Traveling is so valuable to me. It literally takes you out of your comfort zone, but more importantly, it allows for expansion and growth in understanding the world with more compassion, awareness and appreciation. On top of that, being able to travel with people that I absolutely adore and being able to share this experience with them makes it the perfect way to explore a new city.

PS. It was my first time in Chicago, so we made time to eat deep dish pizza and walk throughout the city. One of my favorite memories was waking up every morning from Amelia's studio on the 30th floor to Lake Michigan and it feeling so vast like the ocean. It was so beautiful.

Lou Malnati's Pizza (I kept thinking it was lluminati's Pizza haha)

Traveling for work is something that we have always done, but I realized that we didn't really announce. However, it is out of the bag now and THE CROWN COLLECTIVE is all about cultivating and supporting the opportunity to take what we love into places that don't currently have the resources or services to experience a flower crown bar. From music festivals to private events, being able to travel across the country to do what we love is an absolute honor and privilege.

For 2017, we are fostering our services to be part of a larger purpose, production and experience. In doing so, we are offering a special rate for production companies or private events that will take place outside of Los Angeles, CA.

For more information or to bring THE CROWN COLLECTIVE to your neck of the woods,

email us at:

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